Travelers’ Tales: Prague and the Czech Republic

“Prague never lets go of you… this little mother has claws.”
       —Franz Kafka (1883-1924)


Travelers’ Tales: Prague and the Czech Republic is a special collection of off-beat tales and revealing memoirs narrated by non-tourists—both expats living there and former Czech exiles who’ve returned home.

The anthology includes the memoir essay “Full Moon Over Bohemia” by Christopher Cook.

“Whether you’re planning a trip to Prague or have visited there many times before (as I have), you’ll definitely want to add this excellent book to your travel library. This Travelers’ Tales compilation—edited by David Farley and Jessie Scholl—is NOT the typical collection of tourists’ accounts or wannabe writers’ amateur essays. The editors have selected more than three dozen stories by some of today’s best travel writers (including themselves), from well known Czechs to Americans who have lived in (and fallen in love with) Prague and other places in the Czech Republic. Each story provides insight into a different aspect of a city and country that have captured the imaginations of travelers and writers for several centuries. History, politics, and sociology share space on the pages with personal experiences, poignant memories, and quirky adventures… If you’re headed for Prague, buy this book to read on the plane—and then read it again after you return, just for the joy of it. Highly recommended!”
     —Travel writer Sharon Hudgins, author of The Other Side of Russia: A Slice of Life in Siberia and the Russian Far East

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