Why Buy E-book Editions?

I encourage readers to purchase e-book editions of my books rather than print editions. Why? Because I earn my rice bowl, so to speak, from my writing, and the e-books bring a larger royalty than print books do. (In some cases, as with used copies, and even some new ones, I receive no royalties at all on print books.)

For that reason, I’ve published all my books and stories as e-books. In fact, most are now published exclusively as e-books. You can see a list of all eight of them below, and read about them in the posts.

The e-books are available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Go to their Amazon pages by clicking the images in the panel to the right. You also can click on the larger images farther down the right side of this page to learn more about each e-book.

E-books can be read on e-readers like Kindle, iPad, Nook, Android, and Sony Reader, as well as on smaller devices like the iPhone and Blackberry.

They also can be downloaded into your laptop or desk computer—either PC or Mac—and read there. Just download free, easy-to-use software from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The links to download the free software are:

Free Kindle Reading Apps for iPhone, PC, Mac, BlackBerry, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7

Barnes & Noble:
Free Nook Reading Apps for iPad, Kids for iPad, iPhone, Android, PC, Mac

My following books are available as e-books:

– Tiger Ridge – Three Stories
– Cloven Tongues of Fire – A Novella
– Robbers – A Novel (Special Edition)
– Screen Door Jesus & Other Stories
– Storm – A Novella
– The Pickpocket – A Short Story
– The Pickpocket – Bilingual French-English Edition
– Robbers – German Edition