Intro to Reviews

It’s impossible to collect all the reviews and media coverage of one’s written work. Even if a writer employs a business to do the job—which I have not done—some coverage will be missed. A simple online search of the World Wide Web often produces new and unexpected hits.

So what follows is haphazard and incomplete. It does not include all written reviews or any web links to various online publications. Nor does it include audio clips of radio interviews or videos of television appearances. It’s just too much work to run all that down. Still, this Reviews section does offer a small taste for those who want to see what others have said about my work.

If you click on the links below, they will take you to the reviews associated with that book:

Robbers – Special Edition
Screen Door Jesus & Other Stories
Storm – A Novella
Cloven Tongues of Fire – A Novella
Tiger Ridge – Three Stories
The Pickpocket – A Short Story