Cloven Tongues of Fire — A Novella

“At its heart this is a moving tale of tenderness and the things we do for love, of how a relationship between two people endures, despite time and change and aging.”
      —A Reader

“As a fellow writer, and former writing coach, I’m aware of excellent writing when I see it. Not only does Cook tell good stories, he writes with a beautiful prose style that sweeps the reader along, yet does not get in the way of the story.”
      —Eva Hunter, Mexico

 A spiritual story, a religious story, a love story. This novella is all three in one. It’s the story of a man, Nathan Tillery, who sets out to seek salvation… and runs into a wall. It’s the story of his loving wife, Emma Jean, who keeps faith with both to her husband and her beliefs… though even she begins to have doubts.

Must embracing Jesus and receiving the Holy Ghost become such an ordeal? And if it does, what does that mean? Building on themes similar to those explored in the author’s earlier award-winning book “Screen Door Jesus & Other Stories”, this beautifully crafted novella will make you smile, and laugh, and finally cry.

“I became a Christopher Cook fan when I read Screen Door Jesus & Other Stories, then followed it up with Robbers. Now I read everything he puts out.”
     —A Reader

“…a lyric voice that sings itself raw.”
     —The New York Times

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