Star Man…

A couple of readers this past week kindly wrote me to say they’d enjoyed a story of mine, one that I hadn’t thought about in a while: “Star Man”. Both readers mentioned it is a Christmas story and I hadn’t thought about that, either. At least not since I wrote it. The story appears in my book entitled Screen Door Jesus & Other Stories.

Anyway, the correspondence prompted me to re-read the story today and I’m glad I did. “Star Man” has five characters in it and I still like them all, though the young man called Little Red is admittedly a bit annoying at times. He’s just young enough not to realize he doesn’t know as much as he thinks he knows. He’s also a tad judgmental, which has to do with his religious beliefs. Little Red’s companions don’t let him off the hook about those unfortunate defects of character, though I’m glad they’re gentle about it. After all, the story is set on Christmas Eve, a time for kindness during a season grounded in generosity.

Another thing I enjoyed about writing “Star Man” is that it is a story that contains other stories. Stories within stories, so to speak. Most of them are humorous. I trust I’m not speaking out of turn in saying so. The stories did make me laugh when I was writing, and other folks seem to enjoy them, too.

Of course the star character of the story is Star Man himself. He is three years old and a little bundle of joy. That’s why I named the story after him. Plus Christmas Eve is his birthday.

If you want to read “Star Man”—or give it as a holiday gift to someone—the story is available in both the print and e-book editions of Screen Door Jesus & Other Stories, available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The button to the right on this page will take you to the Amazon e-book edition (and yes, an e-book can be given as a gift to another person). I used a photo my grandfather took as the cover image of the e-book, so it’s very special to me. But you can find the print edition, as well, if you prefer.

I do wish each and every one of you a wonderful holiday season this year. Share the warmth with family and friends, and with strangers, too. Offer hugs all around. And remember the best gift you have to offer is free: love itself. Star Man would appreciate that.

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