Measures of Poison — An Anthology

       “Without his measure of poison,
        Any man will flatly refuse
        His invitation to dance.”
             —Charles Willeford

This hefty noir anthology from legendary small-press publisher Dennis McMillan offers 24 original stories by many of the best writers in the field, including Michael Connelly, James Crumley, James Sallis, George P. Pelecanos, the late Charles Willeford…

And, as well, a story from Christopher Cook.


Measures of Poison is a special anniversary edition celebrating 20 years of select publishing by a man known internationally for the superb quality of his premium and luxury editions: Dennis McMillan, aka D.R. McMillanheimer, Antiguo Casa de las Guitarristas de Moron de la Frontera, aka D’Ray D’Oro D’Finito.

“Mostly set in the ’30s, the stories largely involve lowlifes adrift in their shadowy worlds. The mood is dark, but not all of the characters are losers. Some win, turning the tables on their adversaries. The eye-catching dust jacket, featuring an old-fashioned medicine bottle with the contributors’ names on the label, perfectly complements this quality package.”
       —Publishers Weekly

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