Intro — Magazine Articles

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When I first began writing fiction—short stories mainly, written in my free time—I was still working as a newspaper and magazine journalist. As a journalist, I worked as a reporter and an editor, sometimes both at the same time. I describe that period in more detail in the Introduction to Newspaper Dispatches.

After I began writing fiction more earnestly, I continued to free-lance for magazines, newspapers and journals. Even now, I occasionally free-lance an article for publication, though most often they are op-ed pieces or columns. It’s hard, really, for a journalist to ever quit the profession completely.

As a journalist, I’ve written hundreds, perhaps thousands, of articles, essays, columns and reviews over the years. Some are posted in the Newspaper Dispatches part of the website.

What follows in this section are just a few selections from my magazine writing days. Writing features for magazines is especially fun because one usually has more space in which to tell the story. The pacing feels more relaxed and informal. Entertaining the reader is as important as providing the information.

I have included accompanying photographs to the articles when available to me.