The Pickpocket – Reviews from Readers


Jo Virgil, Texas—

“Excellent tale, phenomenal writing”

“Even though I already knew that Christopher Cook is an incredible writer, this story still just wowed me. Beautiful, lyrical prose plus a tale with twists that make you laugh and make you think. O. Henry would love it!”


Jim Freeman, Czech Republic—

“Ah, a lovely story, an honored story chosen for Houghton Mifflin’s The Best American Mystery Stories 2003. It shared that volume with stories by Elmore Leonard, Joyce Carol Oates and Walter Mosley, not bad company in which to be.

“But it’s the interior of this short story that intrigues me, the mind and the craft of what we all too often consider to be just a common purse-snatcher. One might as well compare a thug with a jewel thief.

“The short story is perhaps a writer’s most serious challenge. Too short a venue for wandering around in haphazard dialog, short stories must be tight, complete and satisfying. “The Pickpocket” is all of these and more, a book you will revisit over the years, and one that may take you to Christopher Cook’s other fascinating works.

“Trust me. Buy it.”


PC Wagner, Texas—

“Christopher Cook’s grand tale engaged me from the first page and kept me going right up to the end, which I was sorry to reach. He helps us to understand morality among thieves and offers an insight into those who make stealing into an art form.

“First-rate story telling.”


James Sutphin, Texas—

“This work is an excellent example of the craft of the short story. Cook pulls the reader right into the character’s world. I have loved short stories all of my life. A well written one like this makes the world around me disappear and allows me to briefly escape into another realm. I hope to see more soon from this author.”


Bill Howe, Leeds, England—

“To read a new story by Christopher Cook is always a real pleasure. This time the narrative takes place, not in the author’s East Texan homeland, familiar from his other stories and his gripping novel, Robbers, but the underworld of Paris.

“A finely crafted tale of a life on the street and living by one’s wits, the complexities of honour amongst thieves and pride in ones craft, but also a meditation on the process of aging, the inevitability of change, and an evocation of the most visited city in the world.

“As always, highly recommended and leaving the reader wanting more from this fine author. I recommend his other e-books, as well:

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