Robbers – Quotes from Reviews & Authors


Robbers remains one of my favorite first novels of the last decade. More, please, sir.”

“An adrenaline bomb of a crime novel… a rhythm that is strictly four on the floor.”

“I couldn’t put the book down. The dialogue is masterful, the characters spring from the page… Don’t miss this one.”

“A debut novel with classic noir bones … Cook covers it with fearless originality, in a lyric voice that sings itself raw.”

“I never put this book down once after I opened it, except to underline passages and even to write a few of them down… as compelling as anything you’ve read.”

Robbers is a full-tilt boogie of a tale that wraps nearly every genre of Texas fiction into one tightly wound bundle… one of best novels of contemporary Texas yet written… It’s a book to stay up all night with… a chicken-fried ‘Pulp Fiction.’”

“Cook clearly has the suspense-building gene; his writing, fluid yet visceral, compels the reader to hang in there while the nerve-jangling plot tick-tick-ticks toward its explosive end.”

“Narrative gold, spun from violence, bittersweet humor, beauty, and terror. The alchemist is Christopher Cook, whose first novel is a noir powerhouse: uncompromising and authentic… Think James Lee Burke and Elmore Leonard, but think William Faulkner and Cormac McCarthy too.”

“This gritty crime drama is not for the faint of heart.”

“Christopher Cook settles back to give us a lively, darkly comic, enormously entertaining crime novel about two ex-cons on the run, the young woman they hook up with and the Texas Ranger who pursues them like a force of nature.”

From other authors…

“Christopher Cook writes like an angel…I haven’t enjoyed a novel this much in years. This is a terrific book and I can’t wait for the next one.”
       —James Crumley, author of The Last Good Kiss

“If Elmore Leonard lived in Texas, his name would be Christopher Cook.”
       —Kinky Friedman, author of The Mile High Club

“My kind of book.”
       —James Ellroy, author of L.A. Confidential

“From Elmore Leonard’s laconic flair with the dumb and dangerous to James Lee Burke’s lyric feel for dark hearts in a New South—Robbers ranges wild and wide, deep through the heart of Texas. Cook has a talent big enough to take his natural-born killers in richly traveled territory he makes memorably his own.”
       —Michael Malone, author of Time’s Witness



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