“On What We Know and Do Not”


(Czech Republic—December 25, 2011)

You ask what I think about God.  What do I know?

You tell me what you think about God.  What do you know?

We talk about God as if discussing the weather.  And what do we know?

Nothing. Only hearsay.

So let us talk about what we know:

       One plus one equals two.

       Self-discipline is difficult to maintain.

       Harnessing our destructive impulses is a struggle.
       Any act of creation generates meaning.

       And if the power of love to heal has a limit, we have not found it.



2 thoughts on ““On What We Know and Do Not”

  1. I stumbled upon this one tonight by accident while looking at your site. I like it very much. I have read it several times. Each line is so powerful…

  2. Thank you for the comment, Sheri, and for exploring my website so thoroughly.

    I suppose the short “mini-essay” works then, because I was thhinking and feeling each line very powerfully when I wrote it!

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